Jamestown Plus is a 4-player cooperative shoot-em-up that takes place on 17th-Century British Colonial Mars.
It was created by three-person studio Final Form Games, and was designed from the ground up to combine the appeal of classic arcade action games with modern design innovations inspired by Left 4 Dead, Rock Band, and others.
This fall,
brings award-winning co-op to Switch and Steam, and that's not all:
Jamestown Plus will be the definitive release of the co-op neo-classic, and you can play it on your Switch, your PC, and your PS4 this fall!
“An instant classic... If you placed this game on a Dreamcast disc and told me it was a lost Treasure release, I would have believed you.”
- Ars Technica
“An instant classic... Two years of development have resulted in a game that is an approachable bullet-hell shooter that has something to offer for everyone, from casual gamers to 1cc pros.... It's an old-school shooter with all the trappings of a modern-day triple-A title.”
- IndieGameReviewer, 5/5
“Even if you're lousy at shmups -- a category I definitely fall into -- Jamestown is very approachable, allowing you to slowly hone your skills before you tackle some of the trickier stages. And as Final Form Games' debut title, Jamestown can't be called anything but a fully realized labor of love.”
- 1UP, “A"
“One of the best indie games I've played this year [2011] and, as you know, I've played pretty much all of them.”
- NorthernLion
“In a world of me-too shooters plagued by uninspired presentation and flat gameplay, Jamestown is a standout, a breathtaking experience that not only hearkens back to the golden age of gaming but also smartly offers fresh game mechanics at every turn. Jamestown has rock-solid mechanics, beautiful art direction and depth of content, and it's a pure joy to play.”
- Press X or Die
“I don't want to declare every soundtrack I like to be a ‘must-have,’ but this (alongside Bastion) is about as close to ‘must-have’ as I can imagine.”
“Jamestown stirs up a heap of positive emotions that, when thrown together, simply feel wonderful. The writing elicits laughs, the music elicits chills, and the frightening thrills of nimbly gliding in and out of its screen covered in bullets provide the stress and panic. By the end of the second level, I was experiencing a kind of emotional liveliness that felt like pure childhood.”
- True PC Gaming
“Pity the poor shoot-em-up. Not only does it have the ugliest genre name in gaming (‘shmup’), it's also a small niche, and it has been for a long time. But every so often, a game like Jamestown comes along and demands to know why that niche is so small.”
- The Onion AV Club, “A”